30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 3

My Favorite Store – Ace Hardware

This was a tough one because I wanted to say Lowe’s.  It’s big.  They have everything.  To me, though, customer service trumps anything that the big chains have to offer.  My Ace Hardware is a family owned hardware store in Winter Garden, FL.  I love this place.  Number 4 and I go there if we’re not sure about what we’re doing.  We browse, we sing, we laugh.  When we have a question, the guys don’t look at us like we’re idiots.  When I was fixing our water feature in the front garden, I told him that I had that “black tubing stuff that has the wire in it that’s hard as hell to cut and I need more of that”.  He said okay and took me out back to explore the sizes.  I needed a screw for the car.  I took the old one up there and the guy went through all of the drawers and found the perfect one.  The list is endless because I can fix anything (I tell myself).  Number 4 likes to stack stuff.  He arranges the shelves when I am browsing.  I’m sure he will be working there soon.


Most recently, I needed to redo the dryer vent.  The last “heavy duty” one crushed and was sending lint flying around the laundry room.  Again, I asked for help and we were helped with a smile.  This is a video of number 4 helping me look at vent hoses.

So if you are in my area and want to conquer the world (or your home) swing by my favorite shop.

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