The 30 Day Blog Challenge #2

Today says that I should show you a photo of something I ate today.  It’s 10:36 AM so it won’t be that exciting.

This is a photo of my empty cereal bowl and my coffee.

Breakfast is a HUGE drama for me with #1.  He’s been asking me for as long as he could speak for sugary cereal.  I can’t wrap my mind around a child starting his day with a bowl of sugar to help them have a fantabulous day at school.  I see people pushing their buggies at Wal-Mart with 5 boxes of frosted marshmallow sugar cubes and I think “ooh their kids are going to feel awesome!”  This is just my personal opinion.  So I splurged and picked up Honey Nut Cheerios.  I had a bowl of them with a banana and Lactaid.  In my most beautiful cup from my BFF I have a double shot latte and a little sugar free French Vanilla syrup.


For regular meals, I try to cook as healthy as possible.  I try to not use processed food and add as may vegetables as I can into as many hidden places as I can.  This usually ends in mass disappointment or me vowing to throat punch a kid.

I guess this blog will chronicle these adventures.  Wish me luck.

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