just call me agnes…

So, I’ve recently realized that I have multiple-personality disorder.  Only 2 people know about the real me, let’s call me Agnes.  Everyone else knows the married, stay at home mom of 4 blah blah blah.  She’s sometimes lets an Agnes-ism slip.  Most people are shocked and think she’s crude and a bit too rough around the edges.  So this is the more real me.

I think I’m still a cool 20 something (plus 50+ pounds and a decade or so).  I start a hell of a lot more than I finish.  Things sound a lot better in my head than they come out.  I think I can conquer the world but rarely make it off the couch.  I really want to be a 50’s housewife minus the foofoo shit.

So we’ll get started with this.  I will introduce my people.  The names have been changed to protect the innocent.  My darling hubby’s name will be IH.  Luckily, he knows that I have a few screws loose.  The oldest boy is Bubba.  He’s a young teen and he smells.  Enough said.  The oldest girl is Georgia.  She’s almost a teen and almost smells.  The youngest girl, Fiona is still in the single digits.  She’s as smart as a pre-teen and as annoying as a toddler.  Speaking of toddlers, our baby boy Avery is awesome (and smelly).

Nice to meet you interverse, I hope I can make the wild and crazy translate from my head to the keyboard.

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