back porch coalition

I’ve spent a lot of time with my paternal grandmother.  She always said I was an old soul.  We’ve spent countless hours talking about the good ole days.  She was born in the early 30s.  They were sharecroppers.  They lived in South Georgia and they were poor but found happiness in family.  Of course during that time, most everyone was poor.

There was one story that stuck with me.  There was a code amongst the farmers at that time.  If someone really needed help, they were to go to the backdoor to knock.  If someone came to the front door asking for help, don’t trust them.  Even though that was a very segregated time in our country’s history, for that community it didn’t matter.  Anyone could knock on the backdoor.  What a novel concept.  I am a dreamer.  I swear that I  can save the world and everyone in genuine need.  By nature, I am a mender.  My mending has limits though.  I think everyone should do their part.  I feel that where there’s a will, there’s a way.  I feel if you want something bad enough, you will find a way to make it happen without putting your hand out.  And so my dream was concocted.

back porch coalition

I would like to create a place in my little town where people in need can go to receive and offer help.  In the perfect world scenario, there would be an old fashioned account book where you could log hours.  There would be a community board for needed and offered services.  There would be a community garden available for anyone who spends the time to tend to it.  There would be a general store available for staples, canned goods and household items donated.  There would be hand tools available for loan or trade.

Here’s the scenario:

Mrs. B needs her shrubs trimmed.  She’s an elderly lady and can’t stand the heat.  She does, however, make a delicious marmalade.  She comes to the Back Porch and drops off a dozen jars of homemade marmalade.  She in turn posts a notice on the board for hedge trimming.  Mr. X would like to get a homemade quilt for his wife.  He comes to Back Porch and takes the job to do Mrs. B’s yard work in exchange for a quilt handmade by Mrs. F.  And so it goes.  Everyone has something to offer.  Everyone has something that they need hired out.  I understand that there are people who physically cannot contribute.  They would be given assistance in exchange for a hug.  Everyone’s hours are equally valuable.  Clout gets you nowhere in this shop.  Kindness gets you everywhere.  Guess I’d better look for a shop and money to get it going.

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